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It all depends on the numbers attending and the space available, we need space for a studio and a production and selling station.

Where there are large numbers attending and space is not a problem we will set up a double studio (giving a choice of backdrops and lighting setups) and will attend with a team of three. One photographer, one salesperson and one production person.

At the opposite end of the spectrum it might just be the photographer using a flashgun on the camera to take the pictures, so long as a table is available it should still be possible to produce photographs at the event for immediate use.

We have a choice of three production printers available, these printers are all designed especially for event photography, the photos produced are not just high quality, they cannot be smudged straight from the printer, all our printers put a waterproof and UV proof coating over the image to ensure complete protection. You can even pour a drink over these pictures and not harm them. All photos are presented in black strut mounts, ensuring complete satisfaction.
The standard sizes we produce at an event are 12 x 8, 8 x 6 and 6 x 4 inches.

Where we are using a busier venue we usually use a radio equipped camera so that your photographs are available to be viewed on the viewing computers within a second or two of the photo being taken.

Do we charge to attend your event?
This depends, where we have the potential to sell enough photographs to cover our costs we do not charge.
If you want everyone to have free access to printed photos, we will agree a total quantity of photos to be printed for a fixed fee. This will usually involve a substantial discount on our normal print charges. After the prepaid volume has been supplied we will then charge for further prints at our normal rates.

To discover what we can do to help make your event a success, please give Peter a telephone call.

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